Monday, September 16, 2013

Cakap lebat

Its been a while, right? Sorry for not updating more often, sometimes I forget the existance of this domain. Actually a lot have happened and I don't know where to start.

First of all, life's kinda, only ok I guess. Work, well. Something has happened recently that open my eyes to certain vital things that I usually response with ignorance.

First, about my paycheck. For some who doesn't know, I work in a factory in shifts. There are only two shifts: morning and night. Actually the shifts doesn't bother me a lot. Its the working hours that bother me.

Our working hour is 10 hours per day, 12 if we want to do overtime. And yeah, they treat overtime like a compulsory thing here even though its only an option. And yeah, I am the lady of my own mind, I won't do anything unless I want to. When I check my pay for last month, it's kinda like a wake up call for me. I worked for 12 hours almost every day, and my pay doesn't even reach 2k. I need to do something about this. So I started the scavanger [job] hunt, episode 2.

Second of all, the politics. I really hate the politics here. And I should say this, I am blessed enough to have an understanding boss to work with. Alhamdulillah. 

But, as always, there's always a pair of eyes and a set of lips that can't let us be happy. I don't even know this b**** but suddenly she complaint about me and so. They tell me that she is like that with anyone. I just didn't understand it you know. A well known lady, good looking, married to someone who is filthy rich, but still couldn't leave this poor little new kid alone. Something is wrong upstairs I guess.

The best part is, when it happened, my so called "partner in crime" just bailed on me. So there I am taking the blame, alone. Starting there, I lost all my trust towards that so called "friend of mine". Someone who we call, "cakap lebat, buat tak berani". 

I just hope I can find a job in Shah Alam soon and get my ass out of that stupid factory. It's not exciting anymore, never have been.