Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing Cooleustary-PC

Sekarang musim exam. Minggu ni minggu first sbnarnye, n aku baru abis 1st paper. Dlm jangkamasa ni, byk bnda yg brlaku, yg da ubah sdikit sbanyak hidup aku n diri aku. Tentang frenship aku. Tentang konfusion aku yg da berakhir. Tentang masalah orang lain yang timbul, yang aku merupakan antara puncanya. Aku tau kau terkilan sebab die da me'lari'kan diri. Aku tetap rase bersalah wlaupon kau kate aku xbersalah. N paling penting, aku tetap rasa sedih tgok kau sedih. Tapi bnde dah berlaku, Allah je tau hikmahnye. Mungkin kau akn jumpe org yg lebih baik dr die. Mungkin, tapi jgn lupa kita hnya mmpu merancang, Allah je yg menentukan sume. N Takdir Allah adalah yg terbaik utk hamba-Nya. Aku tau, cakap mmg senang, tapi akupon prnah jugak rasa bnda yg cmni, so aku tau pe yg kau rasa.

Laptop aku rosak. OS kne serang, so xleh nk bkk lngsung. Ayah kate boleh kalo nk recover, tapi kene carik CD die. Aku malas nk pikirkan pasal 2 dulu, so aku delay OPERASI PENCARIAN CD itu ke 'lepas abeh final'. Buat masa ni, mmg final diutamakan. Malam tadi, aku mimpi laptop aku hidop seperti sediakala. Aku main dgn laptop tu dgn riang gembiranya. Rasa gumbira sgt dlm mimpi tu. Aku harap sgt mimpi tu adalah realiti, tapi bile tersedar dr tidur, rupenye itu hanya mainan tidur aku. Mungkin aku terlalu fikirkan hal laptop itu walaupon aku nmpk macam xkisah. Bak kate sorg kwn aku, muke aku kan "poker face". Hehe...

Ok lah, aku xnk tulis pnjg2 sgt nnti jd emo pulak. Tenkiu for reading until here.
Tolong doakn kejayaan kami ye; aku dgn kawan2 aku.
Terimas~ (^_^)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never too late

its time to...




don't play2... huhu

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sentimental session

Sorry I kinda bz for last few weeks, since the 'cuti raya' ended. I don't even have time to breath freely, without thinking bout those bundle of works that keep bugging me. With the mini projects, lab mini project, presentation etc etc etc....

Something happened juz now that really pull down my coolness. I feel like stupid dolls that can easily be played when 'they' want and push around when 'they' didn't. I sacrifice my sleep [u know how much i like to sleep] juz to finish up the damn mini project report since the deadline is today. I rushed early to faculty even though my class started at 10.30a.m. The most 'amazing' thing is, I didn't even touch my DIGITAL notes but I got Digital test today. I didn't know a single thing what I've answered just now. It was really frustrating since the questions were really easy and straight to the point and I can answer it freely IF I study. I repeat, IF!. But the fact is, I didn't!

Then, after the 'kelam-kabut' session ended, and we manage to finish up our report, my lab partner received a message said that the report can be submitted on FRIDAY. Just imagine how much time we've spend last night without revising for out test today, just to know that the damn report's deadline have been delayed??

Lots of things happened, lots of things changed. I hardly see myself in the mirror. Even my mom said she hardly see me home even though I lived here. Lots of my favourite things been left behind by this busy schedule.

I miss eating Baskin Robin's
I miss swimming wif my bros
I miss bowling wif my fellas
I miss eating crackers wif warm tea
I miss doing our own brand of 'float' and drink it together
I miss hanging out at the mall just to pass the time
I miss buying and reading comics every time I see one
I miss watching movies wif my family
I miss watching supernatural
I miss eating rainbow ice-cream wif bread
I miss laughing out loud like nuts

and I miss lots of things I didn't mention here.....

Time will always pass us by, leaving the memories behind.
We can never go back in time, but we can always turn back and smile to the warm memories.
Life isn't always bout being happy, sometimes we need problems to spice things up.
When we're in the middle of tough times, just remember that it will end.
When we're happy, cherish every moment of it.
Don't let small things get between you and your happiness.
Break rules! Rules are meant to be broken.
Smile to the world and the world will smile back at you.

Last but not least, never give up! If you give up now, u can never know what you can do in future..

Thanks for reading until here (^_^)