Friday, December 27, 2013

The third voice

When you fall in love, your heart usually contracts with your mind. When your mind say no your heart usually say yes. That is the moment you starts to realize that you're in love.

As I can put it this way, you have two voices, which are "mind" and "heart". And as we all know, mind is the geeky factual voice and heart is the emotional voice.

And then there's the third voice. For about a fortnight now, something against the odds happen. The emotional heart co-operates with the geeky mind. And out of nowhere, this third voice is the one who contradicts with them. The question is, who/what is that voice and where does it came from?

After some thinking and observation, I name this voice as "memories". Let me give you an analogy. Lets say there's a new movie showing on cinemas. Heart and mind both agrees that the movie is not that interesting. But the memories keep showing the trailer, making heart and mind having second thought about watching the movie.

"Maybe it is good"

"Maybe it suits me"

"Maybe if we give it a chance we'll enjoy ourselfs"

But at the same time thinking:

"But I don't really like the actor"

"But this is the sequel of that sucky story"

"What if this one is bad too?"

So the three voices keep arguing and driving me crazy!

Guys, please settle down. I'm tired of all this. Really tired.