Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The tears

I've started to miss you and think about you like i do at holidays before.

The pain is killing me.
It’s like every view that I lay my eyes to, I see you.
Every song that my ears listen to, I hear you.
Every thing that I touch, I feel you.
Every breath that I take, it brings you.
Every thought that running through my mind, it’s never not about you.
Every food that I ate, I swallow you.

It’s devastating.
The real thing.
The throbbing pain.
Like the air is thin.

Why must we be this far?
Without you, I lost my shining star.

But they tell me, the ending is always happy.
If we are sad, it’s not the end yet.

I want my happy ending to be you.
At the day I say I do.
Through thick and thin, together or apart.
Till the last beat of my heart.

I will always love you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

127 hours

I just finished watching 127 Hours on the screen of my laptop. Yeah I know its kinda lame, but at least I've watched it.

Watching this movie gives a bump on my head. Like, you know, this Aron guy, I envy him. He has his own patience and can chase it by his own without depending on others. He is an expert on his field. He can help lost people to find their way back.

And unfortunate him, all of sudden his hand stuck under a huge rock. I can't even imagine if it was me. I might be crying by then. Most probably because I am a girl. I don't think I can get through that. I mean, with one hand dying under the rock, can hardly move, have only a bottle of drink to survive for how long, only Allah knows. Even peeing is a problem there.

But Aron, he gets through it. He didn't finish his drink in one sip. He conserved it. He ate things that we can never imagine eating. He ate his contacts. He tried everything. Uses all kind of ropes to move the rock, but none succeeds. The rock's too big and heavy. And he is deserted in a canyon that even crawling creatures wouldn't live in. Imagine that!

While counting the days, all the flashbacks keep coming up. It’s sad because he thought he could never meet his family, his colleague, and his fellows again. He even carves "RIP Aron" there.

Despite all that, finally he takes an alternative to live, which is sacrificing his dead hand under the rock. He cuts his own hand in order to survive. And he made it!

We can see here, in desperate situations we should never give up. If this Aron guy can sacrifice his hands to keep living, don't be afraid to let go the things that keep holding you to the past. Life just doesn’t work that way.  Keep moving on to the future. Sometimes taking a glance at the past could not hurt, but don't be there for too long. There's a lot surprises upon us. We just have to find it. Explore it.

And keep smiling.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hantu Kak Limah

Tadi mak pergi amik Naqib dengan Nazmi kat surau baru balik ngaji. Mak nampak mereka [Naqib dan budak-budak mengaji] main kejar-kejar, sampai tergolek-golek dekat lantai surau tu.

Bila Nazmi dengan Naqib masuk kereta, mak tanya Naqib

"Naqib main pe tadi? Sampai tergolek-golek mak tengok",
"Kite orang main Hantu Kak Limah",

Mak pun macam;

"Haaa, Hantu Kak Limah?",
"Yelah, Hantu Kak Limah kejar budak-budak, lepas tu siapa yang kena tangkap, dia pulak jadi Hantu Kak Limah",


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love don't need a reason

They were chatting. Laughter fills the coffee house. They're blissful to have each other, sharing their heart together. Like a pair of dove happily flying through the sky.

Ross : Honey…

Rachel : Yes sweetheart?

Ross : Can I ask you something?

Rachel : Sure, anything.

Ross : Why do you love me?

There was definite silence for 5 minutes. Rachel glances at Ross, smiling. She always asks herself that particular question, frequently even when they’re not going out yet. While Ross is still married to Carol. And now, Carol divorced him because of some problem.

Rachel : I don’t know. I have no particular reason. I just did.

Ross looks at Rachel. The look that never fails to beat her heart faster.

Rachel : What if I ask you the same question?

Ross : About what?

Rachel : Why do you… Love me?

Ross : Ohh…

That silence takes place again, for the second time. It was not long until Ross answered;

Ross : I… I… don’t know.

Rachel smiled. Although she didn’t get the answer to her question, she feels relieved. If there is any reason for Ross loving her, that same thing might be the reason for Ross to break up with her. For an example, if Ross likes her because of her beautiful face, what is one day her face is not beautiful anymore? Will Ross dump her?

Rachel : Honey...

Ross : Yes dear?

Rachel : Thank you for loving me. I love you.

Ross : Naah, I love you more!

And they keep arguing who loves who more. =)

True love doesn’t need a reason. Don’t force your lover to tell you why they love you. They might be able to give you a list of the little things that they love about you, but not the reason they love you. Because they just did. You can feel it.

p/s: I kinda rusty here uhuh

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tak comel langsung!

[westlife - queen of my heart]

p/s: auto publish. =D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


He’s like a needle,

keep twitching my skin making me restless,

yet the only one that able to stitch my wound without any aches.

The only needle that can make me smile from ear to ear (^______^)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Vanila: Eee kene gigit nyamuk. Banyaknya nyamuk!

Coklat: Eh kamu pon kena gigit jugak eh.

Vanila: Nak hujan agaknya...

Coklat: Hujan? Kalau nak hujan memang banyak nyamuk ke? [tanya dengan muka pelik]

Vanila: Ye lah, tak penah dengar ke pasal tu?

Coklat: Tak...

Guruh berdentum, langit mendung, angin mengganas, nyamuk mengigit,
alamat hujan nak turun.

p/s: Rindu pulak nak tengok muka pelik kamu tu. Kebetulan nak hujan sekarang ni, and banyak pulak nyamuk gigit. =)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Just listened to this song. Actually dah dengar banyak kali tapi baru rasa nak post hehe. Lagu pasal putus cinta. Yang buat aku tertarik dengan lagu ni adalah lirik dia. Sweet sangat laki ni.

Does he watch your favorite movies?
Does he hold you when you cry? 
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts
When you've seen it a million times?
Does he sing to all your music
While you dance to Purple Rain?
Does he do all these things
Like I used to?

Will he love you like I loved you?
Will he tell you every day?
Will he make you make you feel like you're invincible
With every word he'll say?
Can you promise me if this was right,
Don't throw this all away?
Can you do all these things?
Will you do all these things
Like we used to?

Girls, kalau dah jumpa laki sweet cani, tolong lah jaga elok-elok. Spesis rare ni. Hehe. Macam unicorn. We want to believe it exist, only the lucky person got them. =)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ma ma ma ma

Assalamualaikum sume orang!
Alhamdulillah dengan ini saya mengistiharkan kepada semua bahawasanya saya telah dengan jayanya selesai semua subjek exam untuk sem ni!

paper last aku

Even though paper semalam tidak dapat dijawab dengan jayanya, macam tu lah jugak dengan dua paper sebelum tu. Kesimpulannya semua paper sem ni aku tak yakin langsung dengan  pencapaian aku and keadaan tu agak menyedihkan hati nuraniku kerana aku rasa aku dah cuba sebaik mugkin tapi mungkin rezeki aku untuk faham macam mana yang lecturer yang buat soalan tu faham belum sampai lagi. Dah lama tak tulis 1 ayat lebih 3 baris hahaha aku dah mula merepek.

Memandangkan hari ni hari Mak kat Malaysia, aku dah ucap pon kat mak aku, now nak ucap pulak kat mak-mak lain termasuklah mak kucing serta mak kambing kat kampung aku tu,

Selamat Hari Mak!

Aku buat biskut ni [yang ni je] khas untuk mak aku. Haa terharu tak korang? Eh buat ape korang nak terharu, bukan buat untuk korang haka haka haka. Tapi kalau nak rasa mari lah datang rumah aku ade 1 bekas lagi sebelum adik-adik aku mentekerdarah semua. Aku buat tak banyak mana sebab aku ni jenis yang kalau buat cupcake ke, biskut ke bebanyak nanti die jadi hangus yang towards the end of the baking tu. Entah le, mungkin oven tu dah panas sgt kot bakar bebanyak.

Okkey I am pretty sure  korang tak mahu dengar kisah oven aku kat sini, dan aku pon dah tak tawu nak tulis ape, so aku keyboard-off dulu lah.

Eh btw, esok aku start praktikal, doakan lah aku dapat fit in kat sana okkey. [tak sempat nak rest dah kena praktikal pulak uhuhu]

And to all yang tak habis exam lagi, all the best for your next paper. Ganbatte kudasai!

Doumo for reading =)

p/s: Beliau sgt comel. I mean innocent punye comel.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Think about it

Baru lepas baca-baca message lama, lepas tu terjumpa ni:
"Hidup ni susah kita nak duga. 
Kadang-kadang kita rasa dekat sangat dengan seseorang tu,tapi sebenarnya jauh. Walau pun kita dapat capai & genggam tangan dia, tapi belum tentu hati dia kita dapat selami. 
Mungkin kita dapat buat dia ketawa tapi kita tak tahu apa makna senyumannya. 
Bila dia menangis, kita sngka kita dapat memujuknya. Walhal kehadiran kita langsung tak disenanginya. 
Rencah dunia, kita takkan tahu siapa kawan & siapa lawan sehinggalah sampai  satu masa kita jatuh.

Adakah tangan itu menghulurkn bantuan atau kita akan di tinggalkan."

yes, saya simpan lagi message ni =)

Monday, May 2, 2011


*Phone ringing*

Aku: Hello, assalamualaikum, ye nak cakap ngan sape?
Beliau: Nadia ade?
Aku: Nadia takde.
Beliau: Eh Nadia takde? Nadia pergi mana?
Aku: Nadia taknak cakap ngan ko! Hahahaha

okkey beliau disini adelah Nad ye.

Nad: Ohh yeke? sedihnye saye... hahaha
Nad: Nadia, aku bosan la. Nak stadi takde mood.
Aku: Tgok lah muvi kat laptop ko tu ke,
Nad: Alaaa tapi aku nak bercakap.
Aku: Emm.. haa... ko wat cani. Ko pergi bilik ke bilik, pastu ko ketuk pintu dorang. [p/s beliau duduk kolej]. Bile orang bukak, ko tanye lah, "Nak beli tak?" bile orang tanye nak beli pe, ko cakap "Takde pape!" Pastu lari. Ok x idea aku ni?
Nad: Hahahahaha sengal lah ko ni...

Merepek merepek sampai bateri henpon Nad habis. Haha tu pon tak abeh cakap ag tu. Tapi nak wat cane kan.

Entah le, takde idea nak post pe tapi nak update blog hehe.

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-  

I enjoy being stupid with you dear =)