Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dear future husband,

"Before you came into my life I miss you so bad"
I used to think this feeling is impossible, and people are just hopeless romantics to actually feel this thing. But I've been feeling it for a while now.

You, I don't know who you are, where you at, what are you doing, and I'm pretty sure I haven't met you, or maybe I've met you but Allah puts this protective hijab between us until one time He permits. But dear, I'm starting to miss you, and wonder why aren't you here yet? Since a little girl I've always wonder who will be my other half. You know, someone to share my stories with, someone that can be silly together with me, you know, just someone. I used to think that my ex is, but maybe thats just conditional.

Please get here faster, I'm getting impatient. Because I know when you arrive, it'll be awesome. We'll be great together. We'll love each other so much. We'll be the picture of silliness. We'll bake together. We'll go have adventures together. We'll travel together. We'll smile together and cry together. We'll watch movies and series and talk about them together. Though its normal to have some arguments here and there, we'll still be together because of the love we share.

I don't want a Ross to my Rachel, a Chandler to my Monica is enough
I don't want a Barney to my Robin, a Marshall to my Lily will be cool.
I don't want a Lucas to my Peyton, a Nathan to my Haley would be wonderful.
In fact, I don't care if we're not the main characters; as long as we're together in love, that would be the best.

Please, dear you, please ask for directions, please waze our future, please don't waste any time lingering, because both our time is precious and life is too short to wait around. But I know you'll be worth it, insyaallah, so I'll wait for you. Just rush a little bit will you?

I'll be waiting here :)