Monday, January 30, 2012

Hamster's cage

Tangan aku tengah menggeletar lagi. tadi aku pergi petshop sebab nak belikan makanan untuk hamsters aku. Yep, aku bela hamster sekarang. Lepas tu aku tengok-tengok cage die, ade 1 cage yang menarik ade 2 tingkat. aku tarik cage tu sebab nak tengok harga. Tiba-tiba cage sebelah dia tergerak sekali and jatuh ke lantai, pecah. PECAH!

Aku macam terpana kejap kat situ, tangan aku dah menggeletar. Aku tengok akak kedai tu tengok pe yang jatuh, pastu buat kerja dia balik. Aikk, cage kot, berpuluh jugak tu harga dia. Aku pon pergilah kat akak tu.

"Akak, cage tu, saya dah buat pecah, emm... nak saya bayar ke eh ganti?",

akak tu bangun lepas tu pergi kat tempat cage pecah tu. Dia tanya

"Sengaja buat ke? tak kaann...",

"Saya nak tengok cage sebelah tu lepas tu cage tu tertarik jatuh",

Akak tu pon assemble pieces of cage yang pecah tu. Aku tolong sekali. Akak tu bawak pergi kaunter. Aku berdebar gila lah masa tu. Tiba-tiba akak tu letak cage tu bawah kaunter. Aku tanya lah,

"Eh, takyah saya ganti ke kak?"

"Takpe takpe...",


"Betul takpe",

Aku pon dengan perasaan serba salah cari barang yang aku nak beli pastu bayar then belah dari kedai tu. Waa sekarang still menggeletar lagi tangan ni. huhu.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)


Dear In-Team,

Thanks for composing awesome motivation song that keeps me up when I'm down, really down. I remember after SPM, I tend to be close with several friends from school. Elementary and high school. Including the one that I even never speak to originally at school. And my heart started to like one of them. We always talk and share songs together, sometimes making fun of other person [celeb], or just rambling bout random things until late night. Until at one point, I think I fell for this guy. That happened when I'm in sem 1 at UiTM.

I might have ask him indirectly about this and I get a negative answer. As if he's not that into me. Or he has already 'have' someone. Just friends, of course. It hits me. It hits me hard, until I felt so much pain in my chest. I went to my friend's room, Yana to find a shoulder to cry on. But I just can't cry in front of her. She gave me advice that makes me feel a lot better at that moment.

When I go back to my room, I started to reflect myself. I listen to your songs over and over again. This song:

really lift me up. I listened to it every day. Until I'm fully ok. And I never let my guards down after that. Until that one person came into my life. But that's a whole other story.

The point is, never give up, because there're other people who are more unfortunate than us.

That's all from me.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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"Kau mesti tak tawu kan aku budak pe sebenarnye?"

"Eh tak lah aku tahu kau budak komputer kan? Aku tengok kau dengan komputer pon aku tahu kau akan amek komputer."

Eh terharu lah Dilah! Tak sangka beliau akan notice benda kecil sebegitu. Hee.