Sunday, August 16, 2015


I catch a glimpse of him from afar. Damn he still looks good. After knowing he's in the ceremony, I can't concentrate. My mind wander.

Back in my childhood days, he's not the "handsomest", but he sure is the smartest. I don't really know why I "like" him but that might be a helping factor. He's one of the good boys, not the naughty one you know.

As I'm handing out doorgifts for the ceremony, I saw him walking in right in front of me. I never really met him since 5th grade, so I don't know if he remembers me. Our eyes met and he smiles. Yes he smiles. He approached me and asked for a candy [one of the doorgifts]. Like someone under a magic spell, I just take the candy and give it to him.

Suddenly he says

"I just want one".

I didn't realize I grabbed two bags of the candy. The idiot that I am, I responded with
"do you want one of these, I made them"
pointing to my Baymax cupcakes.

I hand one of the cupcakes to him. And of course, that is the time when the candy bags in my hand decided to fall.

And he's like
then squat down to pick up the bags, take one of them and hand me the other one.

"Thank you"
says him and smiles.

The second smile throw me away making it hard to stand up, let alone talk calmly. I feel blood rushes to my face as I am now facing my childhood crush; looking better than ever, talking to me. He makes small talks and I respond as normal as possible whilst trying to get a grip of reality.

To be honest, I don't really remember what we talked about even though it just happened about 5 hours ago. I am too busy trying to act normal. About 5 minutes after that, our other childhood friends enter the ceremony and he greets them while I just smile at them, then he returns to our conversation. We talk for another 5 minutes then he excuse himself to rejoin his family inside and give me a last smile.

After he left, I lean on the table while growling and my mother asked me
"who is that?"
and I answered her.

I told her he was my childhood crush then she says
"Well, he's handsome".

The end.

p/s: I know he's not available. So...