Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sayonara Taro T_T

I woke up yesterday as usual I just hang up on my bed for a while before starting my day. Since it is midsem break, there's nothing to rush about.


Suddenly I feel like playing with the hamsters, I tap on their cages. When I tap on Taro's, I saw he's not moving. I try to tap again but just as same, no respond.

Starting to feel a bit scared, I open the cage door and push Taro gently with my fingers. He's not moving. Just lying there, petrified. I brought his cage outside of my bedroom to ask for my brother's conformation, but he's eating at the moment.

I enter my room again to find a 'coffin' for Taro. Luckily there's a tiny doorgift box from yesterday's wedding. I pour down the sweets inside the box on my table and bring it near Taro's cage infront.

Taro's Coffin

I grab some tissues to pick up Taro's carcass. While picking him up, I feel extremely sorry for him. There're some things a hamster usually do, ops I mean 'do', but he doesn't get to. He doesn't have any chance to consummate before he die. And the condition of his body, with all the loose droppings attached to his tail, with some woodshavings attached to his fur, very heartbreaking. I shed some tear.

After that, I ask my brother to dig Taro's grave nearby our house and bury him there. I put some flowers on the grave to honour the dead.

Taro's grave

That's the story of my hero, Taro.

Guess Ted will be alone all along.
Ted Mostby
In memory of,

Taro Hamtaro Mostby [2011- Apr 2012] [I guess]

Together 'cycling'

Eating macaroni while sleeping

Eating on my hand (^_^)



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fried dinosaurs

Last Friday, I brought my dearest brother, Naqib to the hospital. Naah don't worry, he just caught some conjunctivitis or in Bahasa, sakit mata. That was just the follow up check up since we have already met the doctor last Monday. But alhamdulillah, he's getting better.

While waiting for our turn, as usual I played the game in my dearest handphone. Naqib seems restless because he doesn't bring anything to play with. Seeing him that way, I gave him my handphone to  play with and reach for the 'National Geographic' magazines they provide right there. The one entitled "Dinosaurs" caught my eyes so I decided to read it.

The main article about Dinosaurs is really interesting. I mean they even tell us how at first the paleontology job were discovered and evolved through time. And of course, it reminded me of Dr Ross Geller, if you know what I mean ;-)

Unagi =P
And then...

Frickin dinosaurs nugget!!

Yeah I know right?

Mind blown!