Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hectic day yet ended perfectly...

Ohh... I've smell it I've smell it!!
smell what??
something rotten in here, cause the owner didn't update it for weeks!
okey dearies, now I'm updating it...

Many things happened, unthinkable things actually. I would like to tell it here, but maybe later. Just understand it this way, I'm ALMOST fooled by a sweet tongue person, and luckily I have my friends beside me, n I am really grateful for that. Thanks friends, I think I'm still fooled now if u guys were not there huhu...

Let me tell you bout what happened a day before yesterday, that is Tuesday. My class started with lab[at 2.10pm] , so I'm on road right after performing zuhur prayer. I thought there were many vacant parking lot if i arrive early, but it's not that "many". I forgot now is month of fasting, so majority of students just wandering around the faculty building since they didn't eat. Fortunately there one or two parking left for me, so I take it, happily hee~.

The lab is a bit disaster actually. I'm looking forward to do this experiment because it seems interesting compared to other. Unfortunately, there is one step that the lab instructor forgot to tell us to do, and it ruined THE WHOLE experiment, so we have to start from a scratch again if we want it to turn out well. Its soo damn devastating to hear it, and to do that over again. Then, the lab instructor asks us if we understand the procedure, and we say yes.
So he said, "its okay no need to redo the experiment, but I want the report TODAY, before you break your fast! "
and we like "what the fish?"
and he urges us to finish the lab report in the library. Guess what the time is? About 4.45 n I have class during six. I prepare nothing but some dates to break my fast, not even water, and we're all clueless about the report. After a few moments, we arrive at the library, and some of us searching for previous weeks lab report from their friends, and poof! there it is!
N then we started to write the report with broken language, some copy paste here and there, ugly writing, and some blank procedure [since the experiment failed in the middle]. Bla bla bla, n yes, it is done!

After it is done, my lab partner kindly offers himself to submit the report since I got class at six. Thank you, partner!!! hehehe...
And then I realize that for the rest of this week, we didn't have to think bout the report since we've finish it.. So I feel relieved for a while..

guess thats all for that day...
I guess it's kinda hectic day, yet ended perfectly. C ya again!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kau ke aku?

kau hadir,
dan menyapaku

kau senyum,
terus berlalu

kau mesra,
aku keliru

kau msg,
kemudian membisu

kau diam,
buatku tertunggu

tiba2 kau muncul,
aku terkedu

kau dekat,
tapi jauh dariku

kau datang,
tapi xtegor pon aku.

siapa yang pelik,
kau ke aku??

p/s: post ini ditujukn kpd someone yg rsenye xb'blogging kot..

sbb 2 aku brani tuleh kt cni hehe...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uncool Post

I act foolishly yesterday. It was my 'weirdo' day. My black n white day. My busiest day of the week.

First of all, I spray some perfume on my shirt. Okay, usually I just wear perfume with my baju kurung only. ONLY!.

Secondly, I show up early at the lab. People who knows me, they know I usually show up late at my 1st classes. Okay, the 'early' thing is a good thing I guess.

Third, I spoke more than I normally do with my groupmate. The digital groupmate, of course. But this is also the good thing I think.

Fourth, the main point is here. For the first time after a zillion years [okay I'm being hyperbolic], I worry bout what others might think of me. Supposely I go to my co-curiculum activity yesterday. But before I enter the 'field', I saw many person that I know there. My own batch. N then I started to think they'll ask many question bout why I'm not attending the co-cu class before. I have the concrete answer for that actually, but for some stupid reason I turn back n walk to my car, n start calling my fren to ask her opinion!! Boo-hoo!!

Look at that childish attitude!!
I usually act childish sometimes [okay i know that], but now, I think childishly...

N I really hate that.