Sunday, March 28, 2010


This week is like, a hectic week. I feel like just auto-piloting and all my movements are not coming from me. Just imagine you got test on weekends. Just like, WTF? don't give us the damn holiday on weekend then.

Okay thats not my point today. This few days I've heard lots of confessions made by my friends, my mom. Some of the confessions just shock my brain out. Its just odd to hear something we don't even think about but happens just around us.

Also, I made lots of confessions too. And as the same, some of them are things that I usually keep to myself. Somehow I feel scared to see myself being so open up to people like this. It indicates that I'm closer to people around me as well as I've increase the risk for me to be hurt.

Yes, it sounds selfish. I am selfish. Same as you. Same as everyone else. What, you are not selfish? Lets play a game. It is an imagination game. Just imagine that you are in the crowd, and someone take the picture of the crowd. After that, that person give the picture to you. Tell me, who's face are you looking for on the first place? I bet it is yours right? So, thats the prove.

Everyone have their reason of being selfish. They have their own history. Their own past. Their own story. So as the famous quote said, don't judge a book by its cover. Don't simply judge people just by their appearance, by the way they talk, by the way they walk and so on.

Everyone have the chance to change. Some of them took the chance, and some doesn't. Don't be shocked when someone you hate today will be the one you love tomorrow. Or someone who kills people today will be a doctor in the future. They have the chance to change, and they took it. Don't think that a caterpillar will always be a caterpillar. One day it'll turn out to a beautiful butterfly and fly freely in the air. A seed will be a tree. Even maggots [ewww!!] will turn out into fly one day. They will change. Everyone will change for their own sake.

And us? We should think off something that will make us become a better person tomorrow. Even if its a small thing, its better than being the same. For an example, if today we don't know a damn thing about cooking, we can start by frying the sunny side egg [telur mata lembu]. If today we don't save money, we can start by a penny a day.

We can always change, it just a matter of "you want it or not?". Its your choice. Your life.
Like Adidas's motto's "Impossible is nothing".

Ade orang cakap aku cool hari ni. Suke-suke. =D
Lagi 1, xsaba nak pegi pameran kasut kat PWTC. Xtaw la smpat ke x huhu...

Friday, March 26, 2010


Tangan aku, masih terketar di hadapannya.
Bibir aku, masih bergetar berbicara dengannya.

Ingatkan aku dah berjaya hilangkan sisanya,
rupanya ada lagi.

So, camne ni?

Tadi tengok Al-Kulliyah
 "Dada Rasulullah Sallahu 'alaihi wasallam lebih besar berbanding perutnya".
Tengok perut sendiri. Tersenyum malu sendiri. Anda?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Wah3 as similar as the one who gave me this award, I think this is the first time my blog get an award .

4 things to do:
1) copy n paste the badge to you blog.
2)Pick 15 of youf friends that you think they blog are amazing.
3) Go to you friends blog to tell them about the award.
4) State 7 things bout yourself.

First of all...
I would like to thank my future-cousin-in-law [is there any?? hehe] for giving me the award. Sorry for the delay, I'm a bit busy this week.  Thanks a lot Kak Farah (^_^)

I must pass this award to other blogger that I think fantastic. Err... let me see... 
-my bro, bro apit
-Anyone else with awesome blog!

Last one...
7 facts bout me...
1. Like to smile.
2. Loves my family and friends soo much.
3. Poker face. But soft hearted.
4. Likes to eat. and chubby =D
5. A chocoholic.
6. Think that programming subject is interesting.
7. Don't really care.
Ok, thats all for today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Seri Rajin

Tadi masa makan, tiba2 Naqib bersuara
"Mak, Naqib terbuat ayat 'Seri rajin dan adiknya malas'. Sepatutnya
'Seri rajin tetapi adiknya malas'."
Biasalah, budak darjah 2, baca ayat pon berirama lagi hik3...

Naqib tambah lagi "Naqib buat 'dan' tu sebab Naqib ingatkan 'Seri rajin' tu nama dia".
Wakakaka =))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The conversation...

My mom said, "If we love somebody, set them free. If she/he comes back to you, he/she's yours forever, if he/she didn't, just accept the fate that you're not meant to be together".

I keep quiet for a while. And start thinking. So I ask mom "What if both of them love each other, and both of them set each other free?? They might not meet each other...".

Mom give me a smile, and answered "They're just not meant to be together".

I feel like I've been struck by lightning as i heard the answer. I always have this fear of loosing the person I love. Everyone does rite? So appreciate everyone that you love before they slip through your fingers one by one.

I don't want this to happen to me. I love all my friends.