Tuesday, May 24, 2016

11: Relationship status

Your current relationship; if single, discuss that too.

Currently I'm single. And you know what, being a 27 years old lady and single at the same time seems to be a "problem" to certain elderly, but for me its not.

I actually just confessed to someone that I had a crush on him. I won't expose his name but I had a crush on him since I'm about 16-17. Hopefully he wont read this post [because who blogs anymore nowadays?] nor think that I'm a stalker or something.

Back to being single. I'm free to do whatever I want, with whoever I want. It spares me the heartache that being in a relationship doesn't. Probably in my first relationship I'm not mature enough hence the heartache and craziness is always there. [Sorry mister ex]

I honestly think that it's better to be single than to be in the wrong relationship. If you often feel lonely even when you're in a relationship, chances are that is the wrong relationship for you. At least that's what I felt before. Communication is key to relationship.

I see many people treat their boyfriend/girlfriend like spouses, I mean come on, calm your titties, you're not even married yet, pump the brakes a little, don't go overboard with all the affection [especially pda] and the controlling and so on, it suffocate me to watch couples like this.

Entering the "mating age" for my generation, I notice something. The word "me" or "I" become "we" or "us". And yes, sometimes its annoying to see people disappears in their spouses' identity until they lost theirs. Some woman that I know is strong before getting married suddenly becomes damsel in distress after. I don't know, I'm just the DIY gal, I hate to be a damsel in distress. I just feel that its makes me look weak.

All that been said, I have to justify something; I'm not against relationship or so, just that its sad to think that people lost themselves when they they're in one. If you can't fully be yourself in front of the person you love, then, when?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

10: Fruit that I dislike

A fruit that you dislike and why?


In our language, honeydew translates as "tembikai susu" which literal translation would be "milk watermelon" and yes, it taste and smell a bit like milk. Milk is not my cup of tea, hence explains my dislikes upon honeydew.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

Friday, May 20, 2016

9: Ageism

Your feelings on ageism

What the heck is ageism?
"Ageism is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age"
Okay. Erm. I actually have mixed feelings about this. I'm the type of person that doesn't really care about those things; skin colour, looks, age etc. And I don't really like it if people call me "kak" which means"older sister" in Malay. For me, if you're graceful enough, there's no need to such nickname.

Ageism. Seems like a small issue, but happens everywhere. It even happens when I'm in high school. People try to prove that they are more "senior" than you thus you MUST respect them. Oddly enough in college, it's not a big issue. Everyone is the same. But I heard from my friends, at work, older people crave this "senior respect" thing. It becomes a problem when they want us to listen to them, but they rarely return the favor.

 Age is just a number. Why do I say that? There are old people who act like a teenager. there are teenager mature enough more than an adult could ever be. One's mature-ness shouldn't be judged by their age, but rather by their attitude.

I wish I could write further but I kinda space out and out of points.

See ya later

Have a great day!

Friday, May 13, 2016

8: Books?

A book you love and one you didn't

I think you can tell by the simplicity of my vocabulary and language that I don't really read. Back in high school after PMR, I used to read a lot of novels to fill the time since I live in boarding school and we're not allowed to go back home yet.

For me, enough if the book has some mystery element to it. Not a fan of gooey romantic love story book.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

7: Tattoes?

I don't have any. though occasionally I like to put hennai on my fingers just for fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6: Someone Who Fascinates you


I know its really typical to pick some artist to answer this question, but hear me out here. Taylor Swift is more than that. Even though I don't know her personally, I can see that she's a beautiful soul, stand up from the others. She's the same age as me, but already accomplished everything she wanted; music and fame. Who in this world didn't know this name?

I'm the type of person who listens to music by youtube. Hence, there's the "suggestion" videos after listening to a song. So I click it. Every interview, documentary of Taylor never cease to amaze me. She had this music dream since she's like 4. She always know what she want in her life, and she chase it. Of course there were hardship in the way, but from my point of view, its worth it. Now she's a world class artist, with songs that people can relate to.

I just watched her journey to Fearless dvd video. Oh how she adore her fans. Every concert night of her tour, she will literally go downstage while performing to hug her cheering fans and thank them for coming. And she organize a "t-party" for fans that just all out [the one with her name on their shirt, shave their head like her name, the one that makes banners ans stuff etc]. The t-party is organized right after her performance, when all these all out fans that I mentioned above will be taken to some place in backstage in a beautifully decorated canopy the she will come and have tea with them. 

And her songs, oh I just love it. Although I prefer her country songs, but the pop ones are good too. I love "new romantics" especially. Must be enchanting to be in one one of her tour concerts but I never get the chance. I might lose my mind if I even breather the same air as her, I just think she's that amazing. Whenever she comes to Malaysia, I think I want to go to her concert. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5: A Place That You Would Live, but Never Visited

I think about this question long and hard, as I'm already in the city that I love. But due to answering the questions on this list and trying to write again, I come out with a place in mind;

Stars Hollow

Ring a bell? It's a small town in the Gilmore Girls. I'm in love with the idea of a small town particularly this one because everyone knows everyone and people are not stingy with help, and concern about each other. Of course that means that busybodies are included in this package, but I will take the busybodies if it comes together with the closeness, I'll take them all.

Stars Hollow's Gazebo
The town itself is pretty and homey, close to nature, walking distance to everywhere, and the most interesting thing is it has like this small town events at least once a month end everyone [well except Luke] will participate. I think this is a great place to grow up or grow old. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

4: 10 Interesting Facts About Yourself

  • Although I'm a girl but I'm not a girly girl. I don't like hanging out with girls who like to shop or talk about handbags or shoes and stuff. I don't even wear makeup for crying out loud.
  • Hate BS. A straightforward kinda person. I hate when people beat around the bush then get angry or frustrated because "I didn't get their hint". Just come out and say whatever you want to say.
  • Prefer to be alone. Not needy for attention and being alone is my happiest state. This might be defined as "introvert" I think because I need to "charge" myself by being alone after being in a crowd or with anyone else.
  • Used to love the colour blue but now I love turquoise.
My turquoise wallpaper
  • My door is painted like TARDIS because the idea of time travel amaze me. Plus the Doctor is an alien like, come on can this be any cooler?
My TARDIS door
  • I used to skydive once to tick of one item in my bucket list.

  • Loves nature especially the  beach
  • Might have watches FRIENDS more than 100 times per episode, and yes I can quote almost every one of the dialogue and imitate whatever movement whoever is doing.
  • Although, my fav series is Supernatural. And my fav all time movie is The Parent Trap [with little Lindsay Lohan]
  • A baker. Loves food, probably more than I should. I can cook too you know, I actually loves savory things more than sweet things

Sunday, May 8, 2016

3: First Love

Your First Love and First Kiss; if separate, discuss both.

First Love

Over the years I have a lot of crushes, but the one that really turns into a relationship is when I'm in college. Although he is an ex not but I don't hate him or anything, it just didn't work out.

We were best friends and one day I realized that I like him. It was a problem because; first, he is in a relationship at that time and second, I don't want to lose a best friend if it didn't work out. For reasons I don't think I should state here, his girlfriend broke up with him, leaving him utterly heartbroken. She was his high school sweetheart.

No I didn't make my move at the moment, I just want him to be okay. After about a year I think I told him that I like him, but he didn't give any answer straight away. I know he needs space and time, so I give him. Then he treated me like before, which I think is the answer to my confession; he just want to be friends. I'm actually okay with that I think, since I don't want to ruin our friendship.

One day he called me and ask me to be his girlfriend. I'm kinda stunted but of course I said yes. I don't know that he likes me back. But I don't think I'm good at relationship. Relationship involves a lot of emotions, and I'm not good at managing that. Thus end the chapter with me and this fella. And as I predicted, our friendship didn't survive.

First Kiss

First kiss? Haha are you kidding me? As I mentioned before I'm a Muslim and we believe in celibacy. The beauty is that we are not allowed to sleep around of even touch by random person because Islam treats woman like a queen, nobody can just randomly touch the queen right? :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

2: Earliest Memory

Your Earliest Memory

I honestly don't know "earliest memory" is a thing until I watched How I Met Your Mother. I guess its not that big here compared to the States. It comes and go with time. Sorry guys I can't remember any.

I'll tell you a story of mine though. This is based on my mother's story. My late grandpa [my mother's father] comes to our home to do some operation because of his diabetes. He has to get his toes amputated because it has entered a critical stage. After the operation he stayed with us for a couple of months. You know that when people operate, there's wound right? I remember that every day my mom brings my grandpa to the hospital to get the wound dressed. Sometimes I tag along.

The story begins when one day, my mom can't find a nearby parking, so she dropped my grandpa [who sits on a wheelchair] my lil bro and me at the entrance while she search for a parking. Its 1993 mind that I'm about like 4 and my bro is like 2 at the time. She tell me to wait for her there. Being a kid that watches a lot of cartoons, I might have adapted a little and my 4 years old mind has an idea.

So I started to push my grandpa fast towards the doors to the dressing room. It's like a race between me and, I guess my imaginary friend. My lil bro just followed me. Can you imagine for someone who just has his toes amputated, how does my grandpa feels? I can't imagine his face but from what my mother told me, my grandpa tell her that he try to shield his amputated legs from doors by straightening his hand forward to push the doors. Thank God nothing bad happens.

Looking back now, I think its a little bit funny. Little Nadia, you wylie minx.

Friday, May 6, 2016

1st Day: Problems with Social media

5 Problems with Social Media

  • Time wasters

Its a well known fact that people spend much time online. With the borderless connection, you can get anything, go anywhere and see whatever with no limit. Social media becomes important to almost everyone, even when people are not posting, they still open the app on their phone to scroll through anyone who does. Sometimes they spend hours just scrolling without doing anything productive. Like literally just scrolling.

  • Unmention-ing, Subtweeting

The well know terms among social media users when someone post something heinous or sarcastic or just "let out their feeling" in social medias, and here's the catch; WITHOUT revealing the other person's name. I just call it chickens. Don't get me wrong, I often do this myself of twitter. I commonly rant about certain stupid driver that cuts the lane, or certain stupid salesperson that is rude to me.

I don't judge, but things like this has consequences. Like, when you go ahead and rant, and the status is about certain person that you actually know and follows you, lets name them X. You went on and on about X on twitter. These are the scenarios that I can think of the outcome from this situation:
    • X notices. X feels guilty and apologizes - This is the most cotton candy outcome from this. Let's face it, life is not a cloud of cotton candy.
    • X notices. X feels angry because you talk bad things about him, then subtweet war begins- Basically the most common outcome from this situation.
    • X notices. X become hurt about the subtweet and decided keep a distance between you guys- Congratulations, you've ruined a friendship!
    • X reads the subtweet but didn't think its about X- This outcome might makes you angrier than before
    • X didn't even notice, but somehow Y reads it and think its about Y- Didn't I tell you this thing has consequences?
    • and the cycle continues

  • Stalkers

Confession: I'm a girl which means that I am a natural born stalker. I actually solve a problem using my stalking skill. I won't bore you with the details but, when something is POSTED ONLINE, sooner or later everyone will know about it. You do know the "private" setting is just an ornament right? How do you think Kim Kardashian get famous?

Thus, if you feel like you don't want people to know, don't post it online EVER. Don't be that dumb and trust the private option.

  • Plagiarism

Most people post online their art; music, videos, poems, beautiful hand painting, photos, books, journals etc. It becomes a problem when some other person "stole" the art and claimed it to be theirs. And worst when they earn money from the art which technically they didn't.

People put  a lot of efford, heart and time into their art, please don't be selfish and just stole it without crediting to them. What do you have to lose if you credit? Maybe nothing for you but everything for them. The thing that you stole might be their livelihood. 

  • Stupid Gossip

I think pretty much everyone knows where I came from here. Sometimes the gossip is utterly ridiculous but people still share it and believe it. There are gossips about certain celebrity, badmouthing certain products [sabotage] and so on. The one that I am a victim of; Islamophobia. I am a Muslim, proud to be one, and insyaallah will always be a believer till the end.

Use you common sense people, there are things that are obviously made up, don't just share it mindlessly. Lets say we spread love instead of hatred, the world will be a better place for everyone.


I think I'm done for the day. Been a while, so how's my post? 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

30 Days Writing Challenge

Been a while since I really blogged, I kinda missed it. Saw a post on facebook and I think I would give it a try. This is the post:

So, this is the first day. I'll start at the next post. see you soon! [If anyone is reading, and future me]