Saturday, May 12, 2012


Season 6 episode 1

This is the episode where Marshall and Lily are trying to have a baby for the first time after their marriage. Some things happened and the 'trying to have baby' night is ruined, and here we are;

Lily : ... but right now, its a lot of pressure

Marshall : Babe, I'm not trying to pressure you one bit...

Lily : What if I can't have a baby?... That could happen. I could... totally let you down. Does that thought not occur to you?

Marshall : Not even for one second. Not having a baby would suck, but the idea of you letting me down, thats impossible. That would be like aliens landing. ....

Some of the sweetest and nicest thing a husband could say to his wife. I know its just a story, but it's not wrong to hope I'll have a husband like this, right? Insyaallah =)

The future

I just rerun watching How I met Your Mother, the episode that Marshall reads a letter the he wrote for himself when he was 15. And then he writes a letter to himself when he'll be 60. This is one of the extract of the letter:

 "Old man Marshall, as long as you are married to Lilly, you're doing just fine."

I feel like he's really lucky to find his soul mate Lilly. I hope I will be able to say that one day. Yeah, one day =)