Friday, March 16, 2012


Why does people always say mean things to chubby people like me?

Do we eat your food?

Steal your money?

Are we not a human being as you are?

You have no right to mock us.

If you mock us, you mock our creator, which is apparently your creator too.

Dah banyak sangat pahala ke? Dah konpem masuk syurga?

Think about it.


For a gazillion times i watched this soap opera, I finally want to take a break from it. Not because it bore me up, but because I think I should explore other things also.  Thus,

and I clicked yes. Of course, my hard disk is filled up with other stories that I never watch is the other reason I delete it. But I will watch it again, I know that.


Last weekend I went back to my hometown Terengganu for my cousin's wedding. I helped here and there even though I'm not really great at doing things but I tried. It is not a lie if I say, that's the most exhausting weekend in this year so far. But I really enjoyed it.

I FINALLY understand the process of Malay wedding from 'malam berinai' to' kenduri menyambut menantu'. The doorgifts, the bunga telur, the gulai kawah, the canopy and all. The most exciting thing I witness is how happy my cousin is. Ops, I mean, my cousinss ;-)

I see the 'wedding glow' from their face even though they are tired preparing the ceremony, going here and there, talking to many people but they never fail to flash their smile. My cousin's husband even say this

"Sedap jugak makan dengan bini ni",

while smiling, showing how wedding is a blessing given to him.

I know their love story [only surface] and I also feel happy for them. I wish and pray for them a lifetime of happiness, until they enter the paradise, insyaallah.

And for us, who is still searching for our life partner, don't worry, if it meant to it, it will be.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How I Want to be Remembered?

How I want to be remembered when I’m gone? This is not the question that we ask ourselves every day. Not for me anyway. I always have the dream that one day I will get married and have children. Grow old with my spouse, and maybe die together. But death is not in our hands. We can always plan and prepare, but only The Lord knows when and where we will take our last breath.

When I was a kid, I often daydream about building a huge leisure house with butlers, chefs, maids and drivers for my folks. I want them to only sit back and relax and everything else are done by others. It will be the best house ever, only for them. As I grow up I realize, a huge house is not everything. The most important thing is their happiness. Thus, I want to spend my life making them happy. For my folks, I want to be remembered as a child who always makes them happy.

One of my leisure hobbies is watching soap opera. The other one is baking. When I watch any episode of the series, I tend to eye the food they are eating then I will try to make it myself. Some of them turn out great but usually I did not get it right on the first try. I repeat the process two to three times to get the ideal taste that I imagined. After that, I will give it to my family and friends, as they are my loyal referees. I take their advice and improve my baking. For them, I want to be remembered as “the bountiful girl who can bake deliciously and never give up”.

In person, I am not the girly girly type who wears make up and put on fancy dresses every time I went out. I am more comfortable in my t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers or pretentious Vans shoes. When I walk down the street and unexpectedly meet my acquaintances, I raise my right hand and greet them with a “hello” or “assalamualaikum” and smile. I also smile at strangers who seems like they need a smile to brighten their day. Generally, I want each and everyone that knows me remember me as a cool and warm person who never fails to put a smile on her face.

Everyone has their own idea of how they would want to be remembered when they have gone. It will differ from each person to another, but everyone who touches our life will leave a mark in our heart. Be thankful that we have met all the person we met in our life, even the bad ones because they are the reason who we are and where we stand now.

p/s: This is the first assignment for this sem, given by our english lecturer. Dah lama tak speaking hehe