Friday, May 19, 2017

Boxing chicken

Just sitting here waiting for the creampuff to puff. It's 11.09pm. Had a long day; tired,  yes, yet fulfilling. It's almost Ramadhan and I can't wait. The month full of baraqah. Although the days will be a bit boring with making cookies but tarawikh and moreh is my favourite. It's nice to be under one roof with people who give their heart to Allah in this month. Fasting, on this dog days suppose to make us appreciate all the things that we have and remind us of people who have less. It's a beautiful month.

Noon today I went to Putrajaya to see a friend then to Uniten to fetch my brother. Oh how time flies, just a blink of an eye suddenly my brother is in college.

In the a.m I went to buy some of the supplies to make my glorious Biskut KL. I missed some things but glass half full, I got a lot and most of the items on sale! Imagine buying them in bulk. Oh alhamdulillah thats why I love Ramadhan, not even here yet and the rizqi already rolling in.

There's still a lot to do in the Biskut KL section. I need to list down one by one so that I won't miss a thing.

I honestly don't know when did this blog turns to my "diary" but writing [typing]  once in a while sure is fun. Especially when you have a lot in mind and nobody to talk to. And I feel safe in account of knowing nobody actually reads this or at least not until down here and for those who did, I'm very grateful there's still some dummy 😝 who read this crap. Please don't ask me about anything in here because if you know, you know. Or else, you don't.

By the way, my dinner today. Boxing chicken 😂

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