Monday, May 29, 2017

Incik H

I dreamt of him last night. I never really have a real face to face conversation with him so my stupid brain made up this ridiculous slang he talks in.

Hesitating to tell him will only makes me think about him all day long yet that's what I choose. I've confessed to him yet he rejected me. Even though he said it nicely, rejection is still a rejection. I thought I've moved on but here we are again.

Different topic, today is my fist official day to make Biskut KL this year. A bit excited to have a constant project to make every day. I have hired helpers, they are my brother and his wife, which makes things better because I don't have to have a stranger in the house helping me.

So far, fasting this time doesn't make me hungry or thirsty, but sleepy all the time. I feel like these 2 days of fasting come and go as a blur, like I'm some kind of zombie or something.

Okay some encouragement to make Biskut KL. You're going bigger this year, it's normal to be scared. Don't let being scared stopped you from doing it. There are people who love your cookies and you are doing it for them, so don't lose hope even when you're feeling bored. I mean, they is what the laptop is for. You owe it to them and to past young and hopeful you to make it. And who knows,  maybe you can afford to buy a machine to scoop the  damn thing this year, so that you won't have to scoop next year. So, go now!

Xo xo

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