Saturday, May 27, 2017

First Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah done first day of fasting this year, with adequate food for buka. It doesn't feel like fasting, maybe because the bot so warm weather and maybe so because of the works done today occupies my mind from waiting for maghrib or feeling hungry.

I actually have a few concerns regarding this year's Biskut KL project and it was always the same every time; what if nobody will buy them or the worst of all, what if it [the cookies itself] doesn't turn out as good as I have hoped?

I know it's silly to think of that. We use the same damn recipe each time. Insyaallah the outcome will be lovely. I've already screwed up by buying slightly larger jar that I suppose which makes it easy to just pour the cookies into the jar but the jar wasn't full is my concern. The amount of cookies is the same as last year but since the jar is bigger, it seems like it's not.

Okay enough of the silly rant, I'll go pray now. Have a good one!

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